Bidding & The Facebook Auction: How to get it right!

Have you ever been to a live auction? Whether it was for a house, a painting or a piece of antique furniture, auctions are always full of eager anticipation and high hopes.
The inner workings of the Facebook ad platform aren’t too different. Imagine then, the kind of place it is - a digital world brimming with the hopes and dreams of millions of advertisers every day, where almost countless ‘mini-auctions’ are taking place every second as each tries to get their ad displayed to the right people at the right time!
Our Ultimate Guide to Facebook & Instagram Ad Bidding takes you through what you need to know about bidding. From explaining the Facebook auction, to detailing different bid types and strategies, this is your one-stop-shop resource to getting your bids right!

Ultimate Guide to Facebook and Instagram Ad Bidding - by MakeMeReach