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Paragone takes all the data from your social media channels and puts it into a single view for analysis and insights. It tracks performance and uses machine learning to predict trends.

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Dynamic dashboard with actionable reporting

Setup up easy, customized dashboards for simplified reporting.

Automate your reports based on triggers or rules.

Activate and share on-demand, real time reports.



Make your processes more efficient by setting rules to activate against your business objectives.

Automate how you manage your spend, good/bad performing campaigns, automate against external factors.

Receive notifications based on your preferences.


Team management

You can control who is doing what tasks, how much spend each team member is responsible for, if your team is expected to meet client targets (pacing/ traffic light system) and much more!


Recommendations &
budget pacing

Paragone AI-driven insights surface opportunities for scale and areas requiring further action.


What our customers say

“With the dashboards we can easily share our reports amongst our team and everybody working on the client can see everything in one place in real time. helps us maximize efficiency and improve performance."

"With, we have cut the time spent on manual reporting by over 80%. That time is now invested in more complex tasks for our clients.”


Need clarification?

What is unique about

Plenty, including the ability to:
- Explore data down to the ad level;
- Use alternative attribution models via Google Analytics;
- Get automatic updates and fresh data without any manual work;
- Cope with spoiled data from social media;
- Calculate key metric points, such as CPA and ROAS, from an alternative source of truth.
- We support and integrate with all the leading social networks including: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, TikTok, Pinterest and Google


Do I need to buy additional software to use

No, you can benefit from our cost-effective solution with no additional software requirements.

How long does the onboarding take?

It depends on your structure and the size of your team. We usually onboard for under 1 month. You will also benefit from our customer success team and their knowledge base.

What can I expect to learn in the first week of using Paragone's platform?

- Add all your clients into one easy-to-use platform
- Know where your key clients are performing best across social.
- Learn how to use attribution modeling to help determine how the digital customer journey is working for your clients on social
- Use our library of hundreds of different metrics to measure performance. Don’t find the one you want? Build your own metrics and save under favorites!
- Have clearer transparency in your agency operations and know where best to focus your efforts!

One tool for all your paid social metrics